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Why Choose Commodities Trade International

At Commodity Trade Company, we are more than just a trade company; we are your gateway to
the rich, diverse, and ethical world of East African and Comoros Island produce. We take
immense pride in connecting you to the finest, sustainably sourced commodities while
championing the principles of fair trade.
Why Choose Commodity Trade Company:
1. Ethical Sourcing: We believe in making trade fair. Our commitment to ethical sourcing
means we work directly with local farmers, cooperatives, and producers to ensure they
receive fair compensation for their hard work and dedication. When you choose us, you
support a sustainable future for these communities.
2. Exquisite East African Flavors: East Africa and Comoros Island are known for their
exotic flavors and unique produce. We specialize in sourcing an array of goods, from the
enchanting vanilla beans of Comoros to the vibrant spices, coffee, tea, and tropical fruits
of East Africa. Every product we offer is a journey of taste and quality.
3. Uncompromising Quality: Quality is our cornerstone. We subject every commodity to
stringent quality control measures to guarantee that you receive only the best. From the
moment we source our products to the moment they reach your doorstep, we ensure their
integrity is maintained.
4. Cultural Enrichment: By choosing Commodity Trade Company, you are not just
buying produce; you are embracing the rich cultural heritage of East. Our commodities
carry with them the stories, traditions, and flavors of these regions.
5. Global Reach: We are proud to serve a global community of customers, bringing the
tastes and treasures of East Africa to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world.
Join Us in Promoting Fair Trade:
When you partner with Commodity Trade Company, you join a movement that promotes
fairness, sustainability, and positive impact on local communities. We believe that trade can be a
force for good, and together, we can create a better world.
Explore our diverse range of commodities, learn about the communities we support, and savor
the flavors of East Africa and Comoros Island. Join us in promoting fair trade and ethical
Our commit to community and the people go even farther then just being fair .We wont to {left
as we share } Sharing the wonder of east African with the global Family’s with business trade
that left us all together !
Connect with Us:
Visit our website to explore our products, read about our commitment to fair trade, and get in
touch with us for any inquiries or collaborations. Follow us on social media to stay updated with
the latest news and stories from our partner communities.

At Commodity Trade Company, we bring the world closer through ethical trade. Thank you for
supporting us in this journey towards a more equitable and flavorful future.


Gernaro Waheed

With his Collective Focus, Gernaro Waheed is the Founder of Waheed LLC, a collective of Farmers, creatives and producers that bring organic, hand made quality goods straight to you.

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