Camaros Islands Facts

Camaros Islands Facts

Comoros Island people

Welcome to the enchanted Comoros Islands, a tropical paradise unlike any other, where immaculate beaches, verdant jungles, and the delightful scent of vanilla meld together.

The brilliant coral reefs that encircle these exquisite islands, together with the upbeat rhythms of the local music and friendly grins, will welcome you as soon as you set foot on their shores. Every minute in Comoros feels like a festival, whether you're strolling through the vibrant marketplaces of the capital city, Moroni, or just relaxing on one of the isolated beaches.

Comoros Vanilla

Speaking of festivities, let's not overlook the most delectable secret of the islands: their thriving vanilla business. Some of the most delicious vanilla beans in the world are produced in Comoros. The ideal growing environment for this fragrant treasure is provided by the tropical temperature and volcanic soil. There are numerous vanilla plantations on the islands, and you can see the meticulous cultivation and harvesting of vanilla pods when you visit. Every step on these islands is a sensory feast as the rich, sweet aroma of vanilla fills the air.

Interesting Facts

1. At 7,746 feet, Mount Karthala the highest point of the Comoros which happens to be an active volcano. It has had 20 eruptions since the 19th century! Thankfully the last one was over a decade ago in 2007.

2. The capital Moroni gets its name due to its proximity to Mt. Karthala because Moroni means “in the heart of fire”.

3. It isn’t just standing on a former volcano its government is also quite the political volcano. While the last decade saw peace, up until then this small country had witnessed over 20 coups in just 40 years!

4. It is an archipelago not just geographically but also metaphorically for the number of cultures and diversities that it comprises of. However, the first ever inhabitants of this island country were from Melanesia and Polynesia, long way from home.

5. Within the archipelago it was only 3 island that voted for independence in 1974, so, Mayotte is the only island here which still remains an overseas French territory to this date.

6. 146 species of birds are found in this country. Of these 6 were introduced by man while 140 are actually endemic.

7. With such a big number of birds, in stark contrast the country only has marine mammals and bats amongst species of mammals, due to the volcanic activity. Some have even been introduced. Also, the mongoose Lemur though migrated from Madagascar, is today found only on 2 islands of Comoros.

Therefore, Comoros offers a singular and wonderful experience, whether you're relishing the exquisite flavors of Comorian cuisine, exploring the verdant forests and waterfalls, or simply breathing in the sweet scent of vanilla. This place leaves you with priceless memories that will last a lifetime, where the small pleasures of life are enjoyed with warmth and flavor.

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